Advanced therapeutics in
Digestive Endoscopy

“The most innovative endoscopic techniques make it possible to avoid surgical intervention on many occasions”

What is Endos Advanced?

Endos Advanced is a pioneering project that arises to provide individualized treatment for pathologies or diseases that require high specialization in digestive endoscopy. Currently, the most innovative endoscopic techniques allow surgical intervention to be substituted on numerous occasions.

We offer high-quality diagnostic endoscopy and perform any advanced endoscopic treatment technique.


Our specialty is the “3rd space endoscopy”. It is a minimally invasive technique that uses the natural orifices of the body, without the need to make incisions in the abdomen. With advanced endoscopes, we create a safety cushion in the layer immediately below the mucosa of the digestive tract, achieving treatments with a high safety profile. In this way we can remove early tumors of the upper and lower digestive tract (esophagus, stomach, duodenum, colon and rectum), more completely and definitively than with conventional endoscopy and with the same efficiency as surgery, but with a much better recovery. faster. Also with these techniques we can treat motor disorders of the esophagus or stomach.


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Our specialty is the “Third Space Endoscopy”


The first space is the one that explores the interior of the digestive cavities and is approached by conventional endoscopy.

The second space is that of conventional surgery and that requires surgical incisions to reach it.

The third space is made up of the thin layers of the digestive tract: we artificially create a safety space in the layer that is below the digestive lining or mucosa; is the submucosal space. From here we can remove tumors in their earliest stages or address the digestive muscle to treat motor disorders avoiding aggressive surgery.

Our team has introduced the “Third space” techniques in our country, is an international reference and has successfully treated hundreds of patients.

Pioneer group in endoscopic treatment of esophageal achalasia

Endos Advanced Team

Dr. Eduardo Albéniz

Dr. Eduardo Albéniz

Dr. Marco Antonio Álvarez

Dr. Marco Antonio Álvarez

Dra. Ana Bargalló

Dra. Ana Bargalló

If you are looking for a second opinion about your endoscopic treatment or have been offered a surgical solution, contact us.

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