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Digestive Endoscopy

Colon cancer screening

Colon cancer is becoming the most common cancer in Western countries, ahead of breast and prostate cancer.

The population detection of colon cancer is based on selecting, through a fecal occult blood test, the patients most likely to have cancer or advanced polyps, allowing optimization of public resources. However, there may be false negatives in the stool blood test. At an individual level, colonoscopy is the gold standard technique for the early diagnosis of colon cancer and its precursor forms (polyps). High-quality endoscopy makes it possible to detect and eliminate early forms of cancer.

At Endos Advanced we are experts in colon cancer early detection programs and we can advise you in a personalized way on the prevention of this cancer.

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Gastric cancer screening

Gastric cancer is the fifth most common cancer in the world but it is the third leading cause of cancer death. This cancer behaves very aggressively, rapidly invading lymph nodes and other organs.

Treatment in the middle and advanced stages requires very aggressive surgery, in addition to chemotherapy and radiotherapy.

In Japan there is a program for early endoscopic detection of gastric cancer and they are leaders in endoscopic optical diagnosis.

A quality endoscopy allows the detection of incipient forms and precursors of gastric cancer. Third space techniques allow the complete removal of these lesions and prevent cancer from developing.

Dr. Albéniz has carried out training stays in Japan and China with teachers of great international recognition. He also collaborates regularly with the main world leaders in digestive endoscopy, in innovative studies and techniques.